Skip Shirey

Sxip Shirey is the sort of musician that defies categorisation. He is a composer, a performer and a storyteller; the writer Neil Gaiman described Shirey by saying,”His music sounds like stories. He works in the places where noise becomes music and does things that make you realize there are no boundaries between noise and music—or not like you imagine”

Shirey is based in New York City but is currently touring internationally with the circus and physical arts show LIMBO. Dressed in white and bedecked with feathers, he leads the band as the arch angel of sound. All members of the band sharing an unusual array of instruments between them including mutant harmonicas, an electrified array kalimba and dub-step sousaphone.

Shirey has performed at TED “Breath, Music, Passion”, composed music for Neil Gaiman’s short film “Statuesque, provided the music for explicit film star Stoya’s upcoming debut as a director and created sound scores for the book app “Rules of Summer” by Shaun Tan who is Shirey’s favorite living visual artist.

He has toured with the Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer. The Boston Pops played his composition “Melody for Lizzie”. He’s played circus organ for the pyro-technic clowns of the Daredevil Opera Company at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia and industrial flutes for acrobats on mechanical jumping boots at The New Victory Theater on Broadway in N.Y.C. As a member of Luminescent Orchestrii Shirey played Appalachian music for gypsies in Transylvania and gypsy music for Appalachians in West Virginia. Shirey has had had audiences dancing at underground parties in NYC to mutant harmonica for 15 years

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